Some more rural visits

Remember how a little while ago I said that I'm going to start focusing more on the mental health presenting stuff? That was four months ago! Crazy how quickly it goes (ugh. I hate when people say that so often this time of year.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S ALMOST 2015! well yeah.. I just did anyway because it's true)

I'm really happy to say that things have been ramping up in that time! I've met heaps of lovely people who I otherwise would not have had a chance to meet and I've been given opportunities to speak to lots of people in different towns and states. I feel very lucky to be able to do this and it's super meaningful to me. Hmm this may actually be the first time that I take New Years planning seriously.

Good news for Rex airlines is that some of the events I've been invited to were school and community speaking opportunities in rural NSW. I've faithfully boarded the Rex bargain bin Saab mini plane to Nyngan, Warren, and last weekend to Coonamble too. They are regions that I feel very strongly about because I'd never really seen before how much more limited the healthcare support is there compared to the big cities. The communities there have a togetherness and strength that is often not seen here.

Step by step.