More talks in rural towns. This time in Coolah, NSW

I think I've said this a million times. I LOVE speaking in remote, regional, and rural areas. There's a special kind of attitude and way of life that we miss out on in the big cities.

This is my first time visiting Coolah. It's only a short flight to Dubbo then a drive but after a pretty busy week of Sydney, Alice, Sydney, Coolah I have been getting a tad sleepy particularly after last night's late one at the Can We Talk forum panel. I love it out here though! I was fortunate enough to speak to the students at a local high school during the day then also to the parents and teachers of the community at the local Chinese restaurant hall at night.

You'd think it would be hard to maintain a school-hall of teenagers' attention for an hour but you could hear a pin drop. It's the same every time no matter what their ages or where they are. That's how important and relevant mental health is to them. I always do an open Q&A session at the end of my talks and the students asked deeply considered questions about how to help each other. Truly Inspiring stuff. This is what motivates me to do it.

Thanks to the lovely people of Centacare Bathurst I was able to have a proper farm-stay! These cows are pets and actually act like puppies. Walking up to the car to say hello when we pulled up.

Coolah cows

I hope to see you again soon Coolah! Now I'm back home for a night then meeting up with the oldies in Bellingen for some talks at the Readers and Writers Festival.