I'll be on Australian Story soon

Here’s a bit of news… I’m going to be on Australian Story soon. Maybe even as soon as April which is exciting! I’m really very humbled to be asked to do it and I totally don’t feel like I’m that special but I’m super grateful for the opportunity and thrilled to be involved.

I’ve told a few people about it but haven’t really made it too well known until now. The date is quickly creeping up now so I wanted to share some thoughts on it with you all.

So what’s it all going to be about? I don’t think my life is THAT interesting so we might have to add some special effects. Robots/explosions etc. It’s hard to say exactly what’s going to come out the other side at the moment but the episode will focus a lot on my life and my family in terms of mental health and my work now in this area. It’ll be looking at my mentally unhealthy history and how things have progressed now to how I'm doing talks about it. We’ll be looking at mum’s brilliant book too. Yes she ACTUALLY appeared on camera for the first time ever! woah.

It’s been about a year in the making working with some lovely and creative people from ABC. It’s actually kinda sad for it to be wrapping up! There still are some more things we’ll be filming in the next couple of weeks. My friend Faggles made a point of dobbing me in to tell the producer that I’m really into pub karaoke so that’s going to be a thing now too… My housemate The Great Hiltini and I are in dire need of some rehearsal.


I’m getting a tad nervous leading up to the episode airing. I don’t really know what to expect and it’s a lot to be happening all at once! I’m really looking forward to it though. There’s not yet a totally solid air date yet but I’ll put it on my Facebook page when it’s locked in.

I don’t see this as being just all about me. I really hope it’s not taken as a ME ME ME thing. There have been so many amazing people who’ve helped me and inspired me along the way and they are just as much a part of this as I am. I think it’s also a wonderful reminder and a reflection on where we’re at as a society that mental health is being more and more brought to the forefront of important public conversations.

Update: The episode can be see on the Australian Story website