I hate being scripted and I hate using slides. So I did both last night.

I REALLY like this idea for a presentation format.

It's an event called Ignite Sydney which runs a few times per year at a bar/venue in Sydney called Oxford Arts Factory. It's usually where bands and DJs play until the wee hours. An unusually cool setting for a night of presentations and PowerPoint slides...

The presentation content is a little bit TED-esque in that it's simply just presenting a 'something'; an idea, a hobby, a thing. What's unique about the Ignite format though is that each presenter only has exactly five minutes on stage and their slides automatically progress every 15 seconds.

So that's something from the get-go that I would totally hate. I've always been unscripted in my talks and eeeewww I can't stand PowerPoint slides as I've only ever really see them get in the way for the most part. But, hey, a get out of comfort zone challenge right?

So I pulled my shit together and came up with this. Not toooooooo bad for a first time I think maybe possibly:

I didn't get to see all of the other speakers unfortunately but there was one in particular that I saw and loved and wanted to share.

Gokulan Gopal - "A Pennyfarthing For Your Thoughts"

I'd never seen Gokulan before but omg his talk was amazing! Off-the-wall, understated funny. Unfortunately the mic cut out near the end but he just kept going a capela for the crowd who just totally shut up so they could hear every word. I was a big hall so people were trying not to laugh so as to still be able to hear. Amazing. Didn't make it to the video though. :(