One fifth

I've taken 1/5th of a step back from my work at the Black Dog Institute a month ago. Working full-time at Black Dog over the last few years has been ridiculously rewarding and I still love what I do there which made the decision to cut down to four days a week a bit of a tough one.

I realised though that I need to make space in my working week to focus on a whole other side to what I want to be doing with my life  – public speaking about mental health.

Tuesday is not laundry day. I'm treating these days as working days even though most of them at this stage are spent working on my iMac from my couch and eating noodles while wearing shorts. All things I do not do at work. It's still early days yet and there is a lot of work to do in getting this thing off the ground. Step by step to getting in front of a lot more people but heaps to look forward to.

Plenty of space to watch...